Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Been a long time...

Its been a while!! Someone has been slacking! Any ways, today I felt like doing a "my favorite things" section... and since I LOVE food I'm going to do it on that!! :)

One of my new obsessions is: Coconut milk!

I am not a big milk fan anyways, but I love to eat cereal. The problem is that my husband loves 2% and refuses to drink anything else. I try to buy skim milk, but it ALWAYS goes bad before I can finish it! Plus, I always hate that I have to spend 80
calories just to eat milk on my cereal. What I LOVE about coconut milk is that the unsweatened has 45 calories per cup... 1/2the calories of regular milk! Plus since it is a plant fat, it functions differently in the body and gives you more energy. I love it on my cereal, and I especially love it in my smoothies... now It doesn't taste like milk... DUH but it is the same effect, especially for someone who doesn't really like milk.

My other obsession is: GREEK YOGURT... LOVE LOVE LOOOOVVVEE it! ITs thicker than regular yogurt and has more protein! My favorite brand is Chobani yogurt.

I love this brand because of the fruit on the bottom... It doesn't taste like fakey sugary fruit. Its just AWESOME.. the only downside is that its $1.25 for a little container... booo but I can't pass it up!!

While in michigan I dragged my husband to an organic market (which he actually liked because they had cool beer haha) but I discovered the best soda EVER. Its called Zevia!!

What I love about this soda is that it is made from a natural sweetner: from the stevia plant... or something like that... So I can drink it and not worry about it like I do when I drink diet coke!!! The pop has absolutely no calories and they have tons of awesome flavors.. .I LOVE the black cherry!! It is kinda expensive though... 5.99-6.99 for a six pack... but when I have more money I will certainly be buying it!

Well I need to get running and start my afternoon!! HAve a great day everyone!!